Saturday, January 30, 2010

Donkey Sanctuary

southern ontario
lifelong home
unwanted, neglected and abused donkeys, mules and hinnies
-mules and hinnies are hybrids having one donkey parent and one horse parent-
mule-donkey stallion and horse mare
hinny-horse stallion and donkey jennet

...and by the way if one was wondering please read...

Are donkeys as stubborn as they say?
No. Donkeys are not flight animals like horses are. When a donkey is faced with a strange situation its instinct is to stand still and to consider what is expected. If it is being asked to do something that is not in its interest to do, then the donkey will remain where it is. Some people call that stubbornness while others realize that it’s
just common sense.
-from the donkey sanctuary of canada website-

solo enjoying life at the donkey sanctuary
found via
ill seen, ill said


  1. i have a warm post for them. the sweetest faces and they are very protective.

  2. We had such a fun day out at the Donkey Santuary of Canada. We learned a little about these animals then took a walk around the pond, after.