Sunday, February 28, 2010


re-visiting a favorite
jan mankes, dutch 1889-1920
works on paper


  1. love love that tree drawing of Mankes. thanks for introducing me to a new favorite artist!!

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  3. thanks mien-i love mankes-i came across his work simultaneously via my husband and mady at adundance!

    ...i'm so neurotic...
    i've deleted the mondrian because the yellow tone of the paper (or at least how it's coming through in this image bothers me).
    i wanted to illustrate how mondrian and mankes were contemporaries for some time and how similar and 'dutch' their naturalistic works on paper are....both artists' work (early work in mondrian's case), in my opinion, is underappreciated.
    (however, mondrian's early works, although they don't come up at auction often, do seem to sell for quite a a few people appreciate them!) would be nice to see a show of these works though instead of another recycle of monet, renoir, van gogh, etc...
    sorry for the rant : )

  4. hey Amy :). so i tried looking for books on Mankes and except for the $125 one on Amazon, there aren't any at all! well, at least not one easily accessible. how disappointing. good thing for the website. but nothing beats a book when you can't get the real thing. did you see this painting?
    i so want it and also the chickens themselves.

    i'm glad i got to see the sunflower before you took it off. i liked it. but yeah probably a little bit too sunny. i did a double-take on it that it is really the Mondrian that we are familiar with. it's something i want to look up too. so true about these works being underappreciated. i really hate the artsy fartsy world sometimes.