Monday, March 1, 2010

Merchant's House, London

18th century merchant's house, london
found via enhabiten
thanks, i've been dreaming of this house all day
-period frames, handmade ceramics, asian art, delicate works on paper, the collection of antique silver spoons i've been imaging, and even a cy twombly or a brice marden hung over the blue fireplace-everything i love would look good here...dreams-

all images from location works-location library service
found via the lovely and amazing blog enhabiten


  1. Oh I love these, just had a look on the location works site and enhabiten, thanks for the tip, and I must say I have really enjoyed reading your blog, thanks

  2. thanks so much mandy!
    it's funny that my favorite photos from the location works site are under the category 'derelict'-can't beat old plaster and old bones!