Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Mien Wong

love these palm sized intimates
fabric sewn on paper

go here to see more of this project-experiment
check out the polka dot pair


  1. aww Amy, i'm honored to be featured here on your beautiful blog! in the company of such inspirational works. thanks for making my day! :D.

    i'm very curious about you! how come no pictures on flickr shown to the public? hope to see more of what you'll reveal...

  2. I love the ethereal look of this work. Inspiring, thank-you for sharing all your amazing, "finds."

  3. mien-thanks for your kind reply...i'm looking forward to following your work/your blog.
    funny about flickr-it's not that i'm trying to be mysterious...i'm just new to alot of these options. i've just joined tumblr...isn't that the same thing as flickr?-i'm not sure. : )

    krys-thanks for looking and the kind words as always : )

  4. How great are they, everyone of them !!!!