Saturday, April 24, 2010

Realist Paintings

came across this artist's work in madison, connecticut
realist paintings, many new york (soho) and connecticut scenes
although i haven't posted them here i also love his thiebaud-esque paintings of candy and pastries


  1. These are amazing .... I love them, thanks for introducing me to his work .... oh to own the lounge one ... we can dream can't we!!!!!

  2. Amazing paintings although I tend, usually, to prefer abstract images. What amazing skill. My fav is the shoe image. As an artist/antique dealer living in Northern France I am blown away/in awe by the technique and precise quality of artists who work in this way. However, each to there own I say; plus no chance of me being able to achieve this level of realism. My favorite quote is:
    'Paint as you like and die happy'
    Henry Miller.
    (a great get out clause me thinks!).
    I recently posted this on my blog; please pop in sometime; meanwhile thanks Linda.

  3. Perfect Paintings! I like the way your mixing things.. it makes it really realistic! keep up the good work and hope to see more pictures.

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