Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Black Sheep or Goat

young goat
handmade, i think, and love worn
-bought him in a moment of weakness-
...may live in my linen cabinet and be a nice surprise each time i need something inside...

images found on ebay


  1. Hi Amy! He's adorable; sure you won't regeret your moment of weakness! Plenty of possibility for those moments on Ebay, and I've had quite a few myself. Never been disappointed. Love the photograph of the girl with the kitten, but I have quite a collection of old photographs already... have to find a place for them.

  2. hermine-thanks, he is a cutie right...he will get an examination and a wash before coming in the house though.

    lilli-oh, i'm glad you got that email, i wasn't sure if it went worries...i just thought it would be fun for you to see : )

  3. Oh I adore him, well done !!!

  4. i really like him! don't think it's a moment of weakness, you'll definitely enjoy this purchase.